Tips on choosing a financial planner


Choosing the right financial planner to handle one’s assets can be quite hard given the fact that there are so many financial planners but the first thing that is worth looking into is the certification of the financial planner and it is better to be able to select a financial planner that is certified by a recognized body or that has gone to school in a reputable college or university. There are various associations that cater to clients directly and have a strict modus operandi in that they do not take commissions and they are based on a fee-only model and they have a code of conduct that states that they will act in the best interests of the client an thus they are an excellent choice for any investor. There is another network of planners that has certified their planners and they have a commitment to make themselves available to clients with small projects on an hourly fee and they either have a requirement that all their members are certified or working on being certified. Due to their revenue model, they are an excellent choice for the first time investor that wants to ask for some investment advice without breaking the bank.

After checking the qualifications of the planner, the person can ask for references from family, work colleagues and relatives that might have used the services of a financial planner from before and what their experience was. If the person is unable to get any real references, they can conduct an online search for financial consultants that operate in their area and then look at the reviews that their customers have given them so that they can gauge the quality of their services and tell if they will meet their financial goals.

The experience of the financial advisor is also important since the more experienced a financial planner is, the more qualified they are able to handle the financial needs of the client and advise them on the right investment options depending on their goals while stating the merits and demerits of each investment tools based on how they have seen the investment vehicle behave in the past.  Watch to learn more about financial planning.

The other thing to look into is the pay structure of the planner because the client should avoid commission-based advisers that at times may have may have their motives in pushing certain investment options on a customer that will guarantee them a large commission such as a life insurance policy or a mutual fund, more info here!


Three Reasons Why You Should Find a Good Company that Offers Financial and Retirement Planning


When you think of retirement, you might wish to think of it as a time when you can sit back and relax, travel the world, try your hand out at new hobbies and adventures, and enjoy time with your loved ones. You definitely don’t want to see yourself still struggling with making ends meet, even when you have reached your golden years. It is good to know that you can ensure that you will have a comfortable retirement when you find a good company that offers the services of financial and retirement planning. Here are three reasons why you should find a company like this.

  1. A company like this will help you plan your real estate investment. If you know about real estate, whether it is a home you own or a piece of property on which you have built an office building, you might know that it is something which is very promising. However, there are ways through which you can ruin your real estate investment if you are not careful. The good news is that when you find a company that offers you with financial and Acute Wealth Advisors retirement planning, you can receive advice on how best to take care of your assets, so that in the future, you can truly enjoy the best out of your nest egg.
  1. A company like this will help you plan your legacy. If you have children, one of the most important things that might be on your mind is how to take care of them. Of course, you would also wish to leave with them a legacy that will provide them with comfort and with the chance to achieve any dreams they might have for their future. It is good to know that when you find a company that offers financial and retirement planning, you can be sure that you will get all the advice that you need when it comes to planning your legacy, to ensuring that even when you have gone, your loved ones will be well taken care of. For more info about financial planning, visit
  1. A company like this will help you plan your taxes. When it comes to taxes, you certainly don’t want to have huge sums to pay in the future, when you have reached retirement age. It is good to know that a company that offers financial and retirement planning will also offer you with great strategies on tax deductions and deferments. This will definitely ensure you of more comfort in the future. Click here to know more about Acute Wealth Advisors!

Why Retirement Financial Planning is Important


All of us desire to stop working someday, yet most of us do not begin retirement financial planning until we have been working for many years. It is important for people to begin setting aside money as soon as possible for their retirement because the cost of living is getting higher. Recent studies show that four out of five full time employees have access to a company-sponsored 401k or similar investment strategies. On the other hand, more than four out of ten people have no pension or long-term savings. Whatever means of savings you do, there are reasons why you should start saving now.

It is said that life expectancy today is increasing. This means that most people live longer today than years before. And, the longer you live, the more money you will need to survive. Before you would only think of having enough savings to live for twenty more years if you retired at 50 but today, you need enough savings for three more decades to survive.

Those who receive social security know that the monthly they receive is nowhere near enough money to comfortably live on. And, you cannot begin to receive social security benefits until you are at least 62 years old. This means that if you retire earlier than that you will have to rely entirely on your personal savings, 401k, or pension.

Those who are retired face the ever increasing cost of health care aside from regular expenses such as mortgage payments, groceries, insurance, and entertainment. On top of insurance premiums, retired couples have to pay per month for routine medical procedures, check-ups, and medications.

So if you have not had proper Acute Wealth Advisors and estate planning let’s look at what you can do with a secure plan. As we have mentioned, people are living longer lives than before. And if you have no work this means you get a large amount of time for leisure activities.

If you are financially secure, this can mean visiting out of town relatives on a regular basis, taking vacations across the country or around the world. It could also mean indulging in high-end restaurants regularly. Watch to learn more about financial planning.

This is why retirement and Acute financial planning is necessary for a healthy, stress-free retirement. The earlier you save the less you will have to worry in your retirement days. You can visit some sites online when you are looking for advice on retirement financial planning.